Provision for Young People in Uphill


The Uphill Village Society is keen to see if any improvement can be made to the, at present rather limited provision that exist for young people in the village.

Uphill Village Society Chair, Stewart Castle says, “Not only must we look at facilities and resources, we must also invest in young people themselves. We have some great youngsters in the village who have often made requests for help in providing better facilities. Giving a young person responsibility, and a chance to influence decision-making, and you will be surprised what a great job they can do for themselves. The youth club that ran in the village some years ago so successfully albeit for a limited period was an example of this.

Whilst there are some very successful Youth Organisations such as the Scouts little other provision now exists in Uphill for our younger residents. Could we do better?”

The Uphill Village Society is keen to engage not only with young people themselves but also their parents and carers to find out what provisions they would like in the village and could benefit from.

With this aim in mind a meeting has been arranged for those interested to come together to share their views on Tuesday 18July at 7:30 pm as the Uphill Village Victory Hall when we will be joined by Kevin Lilwall, North Somerset Director of
Operations for the YMCA who has considerable experience in this field of work.

For those unable to attend suggestions can be made via email to


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