Uphill Village Society is in need of a new Treasurer. Can you help and Help Keep The Village In Uphill?

UPHILL VILLAGE SOCIETY – Job Description for the Treasurer

To maintain up-to-date records of the Society’s financial activity and to present quarterly reports to the Committee meetings in April, July, October and January – the latter being the draft year end accounts.
To maintain records of the Society’s capital assets.
To present the draft accounts for inspection in February each year.
To prepare a report to accompany the accounts to be presented to the AGM for inclusion in the April edition of the Society’s magazine (by mid-March).
As an officer of the charity, to try to attend all committee and trustee meetings (eleven and two per annum respectively).
To be cashier for the village fete.
To bank all receipts (except membership).
To pay all creditors, either electronically or by cheque.
To submit Gift Aid requests to HMRC.

Currently the Society’s accounts are cash book based and recorded on spreadsheets with some degree of sophistication. On completion of the proposed merger with the Uphill Village Victory Hall, it may be desirable to adopt a computerised accounting system which would facilitate and formalise reporting.
Applicants should be sufficiently experienced to be adaptable yet firm and consistent. They should also be computer literate and own a PC or laptop and a printer.
If you are considering the role and would like to discuss it, feel free to contact Lew Hartley on 01934 413408 or by email to lewishartley@btinternet.com.

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