Venue & Time

Village Society Committee Meetings 2020 23 January/27 February/26 March/23 April/       28 May/25 June/23 July/27 August/24 September/22 October/26 November Small Hall, Victory Hall, Uphill. 7.30pm.
Village Markets 2020 – NOW MONTHLY – 11 January/8 February/14 March/11 April tbc/     9 May tbc/13 June/11 July/8 August/                  12 September/10 October/14 November Victory Hall, Uphill 10am – 1pm
Great Uphill Spring Clean 20 March – 13 April 2020 tbc Around village
Annual Village Meeting and VS AGM 15 May Main Hall, Victory hall. Uphill. 7.30pm
Village Society Trustees meetings 5 May and 3 September Closed meeting
WW2 75th Anniversary Tea 8 May tbc Victory Hall, Uphill.
Uphill Family Fun Weekend 20 June Village and School Fete

21 June Charity Duck Race

21 June Sandcastle Festival

Primary School Grounds

Uphill Great Rhyne

Uphill Beach

Uphill Village Show 24 & 25 July Victory Hall, Uphill
Great Uphill Scarecrow Festival 19 & 20 September 2020 Around village
Christmas Bazaar 2020 5th December Victory Hall, Uphill
Christmas Carols 2020 2 December St Nicholas Old Church
Beacon Burn 2020 31 December – 1 January Uphill Tower
Uphillviews Spring  edition 1 April 2020 Copy to Editor by 10 march 2020

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