In these uncertain times the one certainty there was this year is that nothing would stop the Great Uphill Scarecrow Festival Over the weekend of 19 and 20 September there were scarecrows to be seen all over the village of Uphill in North Somerset, bringing colour, vibrancy and fun to the many hundreds who took the scarecrow trail and toured the village over the two festival days.

This, the 13th such festival had the theme of “Anything Goes” giving the opportunity for any character to put in an appearance that would give fun and enjoyment in these troubled times. The scarecrows were only intended as a one-off event 13 years ago as part of the Weston-super-Mare arts festival but the practice seems to have stuck.

Stewart Castle, instigator of the festival and chair of Uphill Village Society which organises the event said. “Everyone gets involved. On both days more scarecrows appear,” says Stewart, whose own scarecrows of some fun loving circus clowns came to life “I love the surprised look on people’s faces when they tour the village and come across the different scarecrows all over the place, from front gardens to roof tops and windows.”

Sadly this year the two village churches could not offer their usual refreshments stops but all is set for the return of the festival in 2021with that years theme shortly to nee announced in the village magazine.

So what happens to all the scarecrows? A few will be stowed in attics and sheds ready for a costume change next year while some are dismantled and disposed of. None, alas, ever get to scare any crows. 

Look out for pictures of all the scarecrows in the special supplement to the winter edition of the village magazine, Uphillviews out 1 December 2020


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