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Watch schemes are a popular way for people of all ages and backgrounds to get involved in working together in the community.  Watch schemes operate all over the country and can:

Reduce crime and the opportunities for crime

Help and reassure vulnerable residents

Encourage good neighbourliness and closer communities

A watch scheme is a community led initiative that brings people together to address local crime and other community issues.  A successful watch scheme requires close liaison between residents, the local police and other agencies.

A watch scheme can be large covering most households on an estate, or it may involve just a few local residences.

You may already be living in an area with an active scheme, in order to find out please contact your local Neighbourhood Policing Team (NPT) who will be able to tell you if there is one.

You can also use the postcode search on the National Neighbourhood and Home Watch website and if there is a group in your area listed you will be able to contact the scheme co-ordinator to find out about joining.


Uphill Scarecrow Festival 2020

All is set for the Great Uphill Scarecrow Festival organised by the Uphill Village Society and taking place over the weekend of 19th and 20th September 2020 and now in its 13th year.

The event will remain a highlight of the village calendar despite the current health crisis and restrictions. 

At add cheer and colour in these difficult and strange times this years theme is an open on – “Anything Goes”. A chance let the imagination run wild and create characters of your choice so long as the are fun and happy.

Hopefully the festival will start with the judging of the School entries on the Friday afternoon and if so they will then be displayed in the front of the school for all to see when they tour the village over the weekend. Watch out for more details on this part of the festival as the current restricts may not allow the school to take part but we know they will be with us in spirit.

We hope there will also be the chance to enjoy a cream tea on the Sunday afternoon at St. Nicholas Church with refreshments being served all day on the Saturday at the Methodist Church. But again time will tell so keep looking out for more news as we approach the festal weekend.

Village Society Chair, Stewart Castle said, “Despite the strange times we are current going through I am sure all will be set for another great weekend of fun and spectacle in Uphill.  We all need cheering up and what better way to do it than a social distanced tour of the village to see what  is certain to be a spectacular and impressive display of scarecrows over the festival weekend.”

Dondload your guide to building a scarecrow HERE


The Annual General Meeting of the Uphill Village Society  that was scheduled to be held in May had to be postponed due to COVID-19.
Under its constitution the Society is required to hold the AGM within 15 months of the previous one.  However, due to the current advice from Public Health England this will not be possible.
The Society has been in contact with the Charity Commission and they are happy for the AGM to be postponed until such time that it is deemed safe by Public Health England to hold such events.
The Charity Commission understands that this may well mean that an AGM is not held this year.  Following their advice the Society will ensure that the reasons for postponing the AGM and a copy of our accounts for last year are communicated to our members via our website and the next issue of the UVS magazine.
The current trustees of the charity are being invited to continue in post until the next election at the time of there next AGM
Please address any queries in relation to this issue to the Society’s Secretary at
The annual accounts for the society can be viewed here – CC16a_-_Receipts and Payments Simplified 2019



The summer edition of the village magazine, Uphillviews has been published is being distributed to all households in the village who are members of the Village Society.


Payment of the 2020 subscriptions (minimum donation £6 per household) remain due and can be paid by cheque payable to Uphill Village Society sent to 51 Uphill Road South, Uphill, BS23 4ST. Alternatively if you wish to make payment by bank transfer the UVS bank account details are: 

Uphill Village Society 

Sort code: 30 99 51

Account number: 01450280

Please use your surname and first line of address as a reference.

The Winter edition is due for publication on 1st December.


As a result of the current lockdown restrictions the Village Society has suspended the collection of the annual subscription payments. Our work in protecting and enhancing the village however continues as can be seen by the work undertaken to renew the planting around the village. If you are able to make payment of the annual subscription donation (£6 per household) by cheque payable to Uphill Village Society please deliver  to 51 Uphill Road South. Alternatively if you wish to pay by bank transfer please contact for details.

The AGM of the Society has also had to be postponed until a date to be fixed later this year.


Flowers, Vegetables, Cakes, Crafts and a little bit more Uphill Village Show. 

After 74 years flowers, vegetables, cooking and crafts continue to be displayed at the Uphill Village Annual Show but this year with a difference!.

Originally organised by the Uphill Horticultural Society the annual Flower Show with entries, at times running into their hundreds brought a splash of colour and interest to the village and was one of the highlights of the village calendar.

In 2014 the Horticultural Society amalgamated with the Uphill Village Society but the show continued and with increased craft and cooking entries it lost the ‘Flower” from its title and became The Annual Village Show” with displays from local schools, exhibition pieces, all making a visit to the Victory Hall in Uphill over the two show days an  interesting and enjoyable event.

This year with the need for social distancing a show in a hall would not be possible but that has not been allowed to stop us. If Chelsea can do it so can Uphill!

The Uphill Village Show has gone VIRTUAL and will be available to enter and see via the village website and Social media pages.

Potential entrants are invites to submit photographs of the items they might otherwise have entered by sending them (in jpg or png format) to . If they don’t have access to the internet or don’t have a suitable camera they are invited to ask a friend or neighbour to take them – at a safe distance of course. The Village Society as organisers of the show still want their virtual entries this year and lots of them.

Village Society Chair, Stewart Castle said, “During the period of the lockdown we have not doubt that residents have all been working hard in their gardens and enjoying the fine weather and children in particular will have discovered new found craft skills. So we ask them to check the show schedule (available at for ideas but not to worry if what you would like to enter is not there we will be happy to see them anyway.

Remembering the need for  Mental Health Awareness and that positive images can ease anxiety in challenging times we look forward to receiving their photographs and to displaying them on  both the the village website and social media pages. 

Over what would have been the show days themselves, 24 – 26 July we ask them to display their entries in their windows or front gardens for everyone to see as they pass on their daily exercise”.

Whilst now prizes or trophys will be presented this year all those who enter will receive an illuminated certificate as a thank you for their efforts.

For further details contact Stewart Castle on 01934 415581



Please note that during these difficult and uncertain times various events in Uphill have been cancelled or postponed including;







We wish all residents well and refer them to the Village Society Facebook page for details of help and support needed or on offer.

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