Uphill Village Show: 26 and 27 July

Flowers, Vegetables, Cakes, Crafts and a little bit more Uphill Village Show – 26 & 28 July

After 73 years flowers, vegetables, cooking and crafts continue to be displayed at the Uphill Village annual show.

Originally organised by the Uphill Horticultural Society the annual Flower Show with entries, at times running into their hundreds brought a splash of colour and interest to the village and was one of the highlights of the village calendar.

In 2014 the Horticultural Society amalgamated with the Uphill Village Society but the show continues.

Whilst still bringing visitors the same great displays of flowers, vegetables, crafts and cooking and now simply called the Uphill Village Show, there is just a little more for everyone to enjoy. Displays from local schools, exhibition pieces, and items from the village archive will make a visit to the Victory Hall in Uphill over the two show days even more interesting and enjoyable. There will even be Uphill’s own Shaun the Sheep making a return visit to be seen alongside a display knitted flowers and vegetables (plus a scarecrow to two) coming to the village ahead of the annual Scarecrow Festival in September.

With free admission to the show and refreshments available including cream teas there can be no reason for not attending.

For further details contact Stewart Castle on 01934 425999 or 415581

Uphill Pop-Up Cafe – Summer Break

The Pop-Up Cafe is taking a break during August but will be open for business as usual from the 2nd September 2019 2pm to 4pm at the Uphill Village Victory Hall. Before we go however there will be a chance to look at the Uphill Village Archive on Monday 22 July – so we look forward to seeing you then.

Uphill Tidal Trail – Important Information

The following important information is supplied by North Somerset Council:

The recent improvements to the path along Uphill Tidal Trail have been completed as part of the extension of route 33 of the National Cycle Track, this permissive section of the route uses the footpath along the trail to join the road free sections for a pleasure route between Weston super Mare and Brean.
The development of this section of the track has been a joint venture between North Somerset Council, Greenways and Cycleroutes limited, in consultation with Natural England and the Uphill village Society. The path has already proved to be very popular!
The route takes visitors through part of Uphill Nature Reserve, managed by North Somerset Council, and Walborough Nature Reserve, managed by Avon Wildlife Trust. Both of whom are delighted with the improvements to the site and pleased that so many new people are now taking the opportunity to enjoy these sites.
Uphill Hill and Walborough are beautiful sites which are nationally important for their associated wildlife and plants. Both are designated Sites of Scientific Interest for their calcareous grassland and Carboniferous Limestone, and we both work closely with Natural England to ensure the sites are preserved and managed correctly and sensitively. This also means that both sites are grazed throughout the year. Uphill Hill is also a Green Flag site which is a mark excellence for well managed open spaces.
As part of this section of route 33’s development permissive cycling status was granted to the existing footpath. As such we ask cyclists to take extreme care when travelling through and remember this section is a footpath first and foremost. Many people already enjoy the area for its stunning views and wildlife/plants and as such the path will often have a high number of other users, including dogs and children and cattle! We ask that cyclists approach slowly and be respectful of other users. Taking into account the important grassland we ask cyclists stay to the track only and do not cut across the grass where there is no vehicle access.
Taking into consideration that these sites are grazed throughout the year there are gates through the site to protect areas of the site from the cattle and more importantly keep the cattle safely within the areas that they need to graze. Please ensure that all gates are left shut correctly after use and if you are using a mobility scooter and have taken advantage of the RADAR locks these are always left locked and secure after use.
Thank you for your consideration and we hope you continue to enjoy the sites! If you have any questions please not hesitate to contact NSC on 01934 888 802

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