Uphill Annual Village Meeting – 15 May 2018

The Annual Village Meeting for Uphill takes place on Tuesday 15 May commencing at 7.30pm in the Main Hall of the Uphill Village Victory Hall.
There will be a review of the past years activities in the village and a look at the year ahead with a chance of those attending to raise questions of the Uphill Village Society on any points of concern and explore way in which it can be helped in its work of protecting, preserving and enhance the village for the purpose of Keeping The Village In Uphill.
The evening with start with various presentations including from the Primary School on its Plant to Plate project and help that can be given to it. ……..

The evening will conclude with the Annual general meeting of the Village society including the election of the charities Trustees for the forthcoming year. Nominations forms for the election of Officers, trustees or Committee members can be downloaded from www.uphillvillage.org.uk or by request from the secretary (contact details on page 3) and should be submitted to the secretary by 25th April.

Download nomination form UVS – Committee Nomination Form 2018

All residents and members of the Society are encouraged to attend this important meeting.

Uphill Village Defibrillator Scheme Goes Live



Sudden Cardiac Arrest happens around 140,000 times a year in the UK, making it one of the UK’s largest killers – equivalent to a jumbo jet crashing every day! The potential for saving a life is dependent upon time, the faster medical help can be attained, the better the chance of survival. Clinical studies suggest you have less than 5 minutes from the event to save the life, this decreasing by up to 23% per minute. In rural areas it takes time to get medical help, so Community Public Access Defibrillators (cPAD) have a very important part to play in helping save lives in rural communities. cPAD schemes are reckoned to be about 10x more effective in saving life post hospital than other community schemes alone

Uphill Village Society are pleased to announce that three defibrillators have been installed within the village and are now ready for use in an emergency.

The defibrillator cabinets are located outside of the public toilets on Links Rd, the Uphill Methodist Church on Uphill Road South and the Victory Hall in Westfield Road.

The equipment has been supplied by Uphill Village Society with the aid of National Lottery Funding and will be managed by the Uphill Village Society in partnership with the Community HeartBeat Trust.

The Uphill Village Society would like to thank Uphill Methodist Church, Uphill Village Victory Hall and Weston super Mare Town Council for giving permission for the cabinets to be attached to their buildings.

For more information contact secretary@uphillvillage.org.uk telephone 01934 628373


Village Society In Need Of Help

Uphill Village Society is in need of a new Treasurer. Can you help and Help Keep The Village In Uphill?

UPHILL VILLAGE SOCIETY – Job Description for the Treasurer

To maintain up-to-date records of the Society’s financial activity and to present quarterly reports to the Committee meetings in April, July, October and January – the latter being the draft year end accounts.
To maintain records of the Society’s capital assets.
To present the draft accounts for inspection in February each year.
To prepare a report to accompany the accounts to be presented to the AGM for inclusion in the April edition of the Society’s magazine (by mid-March).
As an officer of the charity, to try to attend all committee and trustee meetings (eleven and two per annum respectively).
To be cashier for the village fete.
To bank all receipts (except membership).
To pay all creditors, either electronically or by cheque.
To submit Gift Aid requests to HMRC.

Currently the Society’s accounts are cash book based and recorded on spreadsheets with some degree of sophistication. On completion of the proposed merger with the Uphill Village Victory Hall, it may be desirable to adopt a computerised accounting system which would facilitate and formalise reporting.
Applicants should be sufficiently experienced to be adaptable yet firm and consistent. They should also be computer literate and own a PC or laptop and a printer.
If you are considering the role and would like to discuss it, feel free to contact Lew Hartley on 01934 413408 or by email to lewishartley@btinternet.com.

Westhaven School needs your vote

A school needs your vote to win £200k for a sports hall
PUBLISHED: Weston Mercury 07 February 2018 -Vicky Angear

Westhaven School pupils and Head of the PTA Chris Ashworth outside the old school sports hall.
A school in Uphill could win £200,000 to pay for a new sports hall – but it needs your vote to help make that happen.

Westhaven School, in Ellesmere Road, has made it through to the national finals of Persimmon’s healthy communities competition.
The school has won £5,000 by reaching this stage, but it stands to win £50,000 or £200,000 if enough people vote for the project.
The special school has been raising money for a new sports hall and the top prize would give them enough to finally build it.
Tommy Barlow, head of PE and project lead for the scheme, said: “We’ve nearly raised £70,000 in just under three years. If we win this we will build a sports hall.
“We need to raise £250,000, and if we win, we’ll have more than that. I’m sure there will be hidden costs so having a little bit extra will be good.”
Westhaven School in Uphill caters for 96 pupils with a range of learning difficulties or physical disabilities which mean they cannot use the facilities available in mainstream schools.
Over the past 10 years, Westhaven has expanded to include a horticulture department, new play areas, and computers but it does not have a dedicated sports hall.
The school has a single hall which is used for PE, assemblies and lunch and its changing rooms are not large enough to accommodate the 15 students who use it each PE lesson.
The new hall would have two changing rooms, and could also be used by the wider Uphill community.
Westhaven is one of 30 schools to reach the finals and it is now appealing for votes to help it win.
Voting began on Monday and the winner will be selected by public vote.
Mr Barlow added: “We have got through to the national finals. This means we have won at leat £5,000. However – we do have a chance of winning £50,000 or even the top prize of £200,000.
“Please help Westhaven to win by voting for us every day for six weeks. Please get everyone you know to vote for us too.
“This is a really exciting development – our pupils may be getting that sports hall that they need so much sooner than we thought.”
People can vote once every 24 hours at http://healthycommunities.persimmon.fuse8staging.com/finalist/westhaven-special-school-2265 until March 16.

Lend a Hand this Winter


Lend a Hand    

Once again NSCP is calling on communities across North Somerset to ‘Lend a Hand’ this winter and help older, vulnerable people in the local area.

The aim of the Lend a Hand campaign is to encourage local people to check relatives and neighbours are warm, have supplies of food, drink and medication and know how to access healthcare services if they become unwell. 

Now in its third year Lend a Hand runs alongside the NHS’ ‘Stay Well This Winter’ campaign (https://www.nhs.uk/staywell) which offers detailed winter health advice and Bristol, North Somerset and South Gloucestershire’s ‘Right Care, First Time’ campaign which encourages people to choose the most appropriate healthcare services for their needs.

Judith Brown, NSCP Chief Executive said: “Winter is a challenging time for older people and healthcare services due to the impact cold weather can have on health. There are lots of simple steps which can be taken to stay well in cold weather, for example, having a flu jab, eating at least one hot meal a day and staying as active as possible. It is important to seek advice from a pharmacist at the first sign of a winter illness too.  This winter I would like to urge everyone to take the time to look in on loved ones and older, vulnerable neighbours to check they are safe and warm in their homes. It’s an easy way to make a positive contribution to your community and could make a huge difference.”
Doreen Smith, Chief Executive at Voluntary Action North Somerset said: “We’re proud to support NSCP’s annual initiative and would like to encourage everyone reading this to pledge to Lend a Hand this winter.  Winter can be a difficult time of year for older people who are more susceptible to health problems in cold weather so checking on neighbours and relatives can help them stay healthy, safe and comfortable.  Volunteering is at the forefront of positive social change and development and has many benefits not only for those receiving support but for volunteers too.”

If you’re worried about an elderly relative or neighbour, contact North Somerset Council on 01934 888888 or call the Age UK helpline on 0800 678 1174.  Please join us and Lend a Hand this winter. If you use social media, please tell us what you do to help using #lendahandNS


Uphill Tidal Trail – Important Information

The following important information is supplied by North Somerset Council:

The recent improvements to the path along Uphill Tidal Trail have been completed as part of the extension of route 33 of the National Cycle Track, this permissive section of the route uses the footpath along the trail to join the road free sections for a pleasure route between Weston super Mare and Brean.
The development of this section of the track has been a joint venture between North Somerset Council, Greenways and Cycleroutes limited, in consultation with Natural England and the Uphill village Society. The path has already proved to be very popular!
The route takes visitors through part of Uphill Nature Reserve, managed by North Somerset Council, and Walborough Nature Reserve, managed by Avon Wildlife Trust. Both of whom are delighted with the improvements to the site and pleased that so many new people are now taking the opportunity to enjoy these sites.
Uphill Hill and Walborough are beautiful sites which are nationally important for their associated wildlife and plants. Both are designated Sites of Scientific Interest for their calcareous grassland and Carboniferous Limestone, and we both work closely with Natural England to ensure the sites are preserved and managed correctly and sensitively. This also means that both sites are grazed throughout the year. Uphill Hill is also a Green Flag site which is a mark excellence for well managed open spaces.
As part of this section of route 33’s development permissive cycling status was granted to the existing footpath. As such we ask cyclists to take extreme care when travelling through and remember this section is a footpath first and foremost. Many people already enjoy the area for its stunning views and wildlife/plants and as such the path will often have a high number of other users, including dogs and children and cattle! We ask that cyclists approach slowly and be respectful of other users. Taking into account the important grassland we ask cyclists stay to the track only and do not cut across the grass where there is no vehicle access.
Taking into consideration that these sites are grazed throughout the year there are gates through the site to protect areas of the site from the cattle and more importantly keep the cattle safely within the areas that they need to graze. Please ensure that all gates are left shut correctly after use and if you are using a mobility scooter and have taken advantage of the RADAR locks these are always left locked and secure after use.
Thank you for your consideration and we hope you continue to enjoy the sites! If you have any questions please not hesitate to contact NSC on 01934 888 802

Uphill Youth Project



Provision for Young People in Uphill

The Uphill Village Society has been keen to see  improvements to the provision that exist for young people in the village.

Uphill Village Society Chair, Stewart Castle says, “Not only must we look at facilities and resources, we must also invest in young people themselves. We have some great youngsters in the village who have often made requests for help in providing better facilities. Giving a young person responsibility, and a chance to influence decision-making, and you will be surprised what a great job they can do for themselves. The youth club that ran in the village some years ago so successfully albeit for a limited period was an example of this.

The Uphill Village Society working with North Somerset Coast YMCA recently held two successful taster taster sessions in the village and this is no being extended to full Youth Club for ages 10 to 15 on Thursdays between 6.30 and 8.30pm . Held at the St Nicholas church hall adjacent to the village playing field there is a minimal charge of £1.50 entry.

Further details from YMCA on 01934 629787 or www.ymca-sc.org.


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